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Transplant and death guidelines

Thanatology (Death and dying)

Bereavement – ICS 2003
UK Code of practice for the diagnosis and confirmation of death – AMRC 2008
DNAR in the perioperative period – AAGBI 2009
Determining brain death in adults – AAN 2010
Treatment and care towards the end of life – GMC 2010
Diagnosis of death by neurological examination – ODT ?2012
Limitation of treatment – ICS 2013
Diagnosis of death – ICS 2013
NHSBT pathways (2012)
Neurological Determination of Death (Brain-stem Death), Adult
International guideline development for the determination of death – WHO 2014
Decisions relating to cardiopulmonary resuscitationBMA/RCUK/RCN 2014
The Consensus for Worldwide End-of-Life Practice for Patients in Intensive Care Units – WELPICUS Study group 2014
Faith at the end of life – Public Health England 2016


Organ donation

Organ donation guidelines – ICS 2005
An ethical framework for controlled donation after cardiac death – UKDEC 2011
Donation after Brainstem Death (DBD) Donor Optimisation Extended Care Bundle – NHSBT ODT 2012
Organ donation for transplantation – improving donor identification and consent rates for deceased organ donatioin – NICE 2012
Donor optimisation guidelines for the management of the brain-stem dead donor (NHSBT (ODT) 2012)
Building on progress – where next for organ donation – BMA 2012
Approaching families of potential organ donors – NHSBT 2013
NHSBT pathways

Donation after Brain-stem Death, Adult

Donation after Circulatory Death, Adult

Donor Identification in Emergency Medicine

Timely identification and referral of potential organ donors – NHSBT 2014

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