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  • NOAC reversal in haemorrhage and for urgent procedures.
  • Intensivising death in the elderly – 3 recent articles on the elderly patient in ICU examine outcome and, in particular, the implications of frailty.
  • STOP-IT sooner – managing complicated intra-abdominal infection with an abbreviated antibiotic course.
  • PermiT underfeeding – foregoing calories but ensuring protein delivery in the critically ill.

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Fighting ‘traditional nihilism’ re haematological malignancy in ICU

A guidance group and a sounding board of 50 UK experts has published guidelines on the management and ICU admission of critically ill adult patients with haematological malignancies. Part of the driving force for this was the ‘traditional nihilism’ in the critical care community about these patients, meaning disagreements regarding the benefit of admission to ICU are not …

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NOAC? No problem – maybe soon.

Dabigatran is a direct thrombin inhibitor rapidly gaining popularity due to growing consensus that it is associated with less life-threatening bleeding than vitamin K antagonists. Measures to reverse the agent have a small evidence base and are limited to prothrombin complex concentrates, factor VIIa (less so) and haemodialysis/filtration (more so). The NIHR briefing from January summarizes near-current consensus. A number …

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