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  • STOP-IT sooner – managing complicated intra-abdominal infection with an abbreviated antibiotic course.
  • PermiT underfeeding – foregoing calories but ensuring protein delivery in the critically ill.

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Intensivising death in the elderly

In admitting patients to the ICU we have, at some level, made a decision that we can benefit the patient. The decision is more difficult in the elderly where the difference between preventing and prolonging death can be cloudy. This is particularly the case where the patient looks appropriate on paper, but less so from the end …

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Agar clock

STOP-IT sooner – short sharp anti-bug course for intra-abdominal sepsis?

Complicated intra-abdominal infection is a common case on the units admitting general surgical patients. By definition it is infection that extends beyond the viscus of origin into the peritoneal space, and is associated with abscess or peritonitis. The traditional management approach has been to do the source control and then soak in antibiotics until signs …

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