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Open access links

Free Open Access Medicine (critical care) = FOAMcc

Blogs and more that I try to read – this list gets longer by the week.

EMCrit – No-nonsense EM and Critical care podcast and blog by the very watchable/listenable Scott Weingart.
Crashingpatient.com – EM and ICM ‘webtext’ excellent summaries, affiliated to EMCrit.
Resus.me – Cliff Reid’s authoritative blog on acute medicine, paediatrics, emergency and critical care medicine.
Critical Care Reviews – Rob Mac Sweeney’s complete resource, keeping up-to-the-minute eye on the journals.
PulmCCMMat Hoffman et al pick and dissect a selection of current ICM (& resp) articles so you don’t have to.
Lifeinthefastlane  – Mike Cadogan & Chris Nickson teach you emergency medicine, critical care and toxicology.
The Bottom Line from Wessex ICS – Fantastic succinct summaries. My new favourite.
St Emlyn’s – superb EM site by a very wise team of bloggers and reviewers.
PulmCrit – Pulmonary critical care blog with an eclectic set of well-written pearls and articles
Thinking Critical Care – Philippe Rola’s critical care discussion site.
ALIEM – Academic life in emergency medicine, for peer-reviewed ED-related FOAM
Scancrit – 2 Scandinavian registrars discuss critical care, EM and anaesthesia in perfect English.
Broome docs – blog, cases, podcasts and checklists intended for rural docs down under but well worth looking at
Injectable orange – stylish intensive care nursing blog with an excellent ventilation section.
Maryland CC project – Maryland crit care fellows great blog, summaries, lectures, procedures etc.
Medscape critical care critical appraisal blog – Aaron Holley (Bethesda) pulls apart critical care papers
Medscape critical care page – critical care news, linking to critical appraisal blog.
ICUrounds – Shankar Sivananthan (Fellow in Toronto) discusses all things critical care.
GasExchange – Predominantly anaesthetic question and answer blog.
STH journal clubSheffield teaching hospitals’ blog with great An/CC presentations, reviews and conference summaries.
Notes from RWDr R W Donnell, US internist and respected medical blogger, filtered for ICM.
PHARMFor the pre-hospital scenario, but plenty of practical gold in Minh Le Cong’s blog.
EDECMO – ECMO enthusiasts great site about ECMO
UK trauma protocol manual – blog by Bernard someone. Algorithms and goodstuff.
Pulmcrit – Controversies in adult critical care medicine. Great mythbusting blog and summaries.
SCCM blogs Stalled last year but nice set of brief summaries of key articles.
Sunderland ICCU blog – An article a month and an archive of mini-teaching presentations
Openanesthesia – Good anaesthesia resource with critical care section
RebelEM – US emergency medicine blog, podcast and educational resource

Other free reference sites

Portsmouth ICU guidelines
Chicago ICU guidebook
ICS Ventilation handbook
WFSA focus on ICU
e-SAFE library – list of free crit care articles in CEACCP and TOTW
Medscape critical care reference section
MERK manual of medicine
University of Alberta CC training programme site
Mental capacity Law (UK)

Online training

Scottish intensive care society induction modules – excellent for the new starter, or to recap.
The ESICM PACT site – some free modules
Western Sono – great on-line ultrasound video tutorials and other content.
NEJM Critical care challenges (all have accompanying linked review articles):
  1. Severe sepsis and septic shock
  2. Resuscitation fluids
  3. Circulatory shock
  4. Ventilator-induced lung injury
  5. Acute liver failure
  6. Sedation and delirium in ICU
  7. Bleeding and coagulopathies in ICU
  8. Feeding critically ill patients
  9. ICU-acquired weakness and recovery from critical illness
  10. Traumatic intracranial hypertension 
  11. Dying with dignity in ICU

Critical analysis, and thinking

Astute musings on medical evidence by Scott Albereg (USA), using temperature control as an example
TheNNT website ICM section – cutting to the chase using pure benefit/harm analysis of meta-analyses.
BestBETs critical care section – critical appraisal and more for a growing selection of ICU topics
Skeptical Medicineresource for medical critical thinking. The plural of anecdote is not evidence, etc.!

Imaging training

Critical Care Ultrasound Forum – superb online resource from Beth Israel Medical Centre, New York.
CCUS Institute video presentation siteequally good videos of presentations by knowledgeable enthusiasts.
Virtual Transthoracic Echocardiography – Toronto General Hospital Anaesthetics department’s outstanding online application. TOE version also on the same site.
Introduction to bedside ultrasound (Inkling ebook) from the guys at ultrasoundpodcast – free if you do the free sign up. Full, well-written textbook.


How to prone (NEJM youtube)
Transfer training (from the NWLondon critical care network)
ICMWK youtube procedures playlist (various instructional videos on lines, tubes etc.)

Exam study notes – all of these are by generous/organized/clever Aus/NZ folk

Chris Anderson’s iucprimaryprep 
David Tripp’s study notes 
Adam Hollingworth’s notes
Jeremy Fernando’s notes
Alan McLintic’s statistics pdf
Paul Young’s mind maps 
ICN exam resource.



Renal failure basics Medcram video (3 parts)   Kidney injury on the ICU ccmtutorials renal problems section SICS induction module on AKI      

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The NNT ICU section

Activated Protein C (Xigris) for Severe Sepsis Antibiotics (Prophylactic) for ICU Respiratory Infections Antibiotics for Cirrhotics with Upper GI Bleeds Colloids for Resuscitation in Critically Ill Patients Hydroxyethyl Starch for Acute Volume Resuscitation Hypothermia for Neuroprotection After Cardiac Arrest Liberal Hemoglobin Levels for Blood Transfusions Lung-Protective Ventilation for ARDS Non-Invasive Ventilation for COPD Exacerbation Proton …

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