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Online articles, modules, presentations and videos (not all free-to-access – use your Athens etc)

EMCrit, LITFL, StEmlyn’sPulmccm, Resus.me and others have extensive archives that are worth searching separately for specific topics (you can use the special FOAMcc Google search on the home page).

Fantastic Youtube channel from Eric Strong – med school level and way beyond in short videos. Another good site is the Pittsburgh CCM mini-lecture series.

The best pure physiology website I have found is Deranged Physiology – an extensive and growing set of FOAM personal notes on the subject.

If looking for a good ICU literature grounding try the outstanding CriticalCareReviews, particularly the Top 100 articles.

If searching on Pubmed for significant primary research articles try limiting to top journals, English, Human, Adult etc or add your search term to this.

Great tailored guideline compendium from Portsmouth ICU.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has a good and growing learning section, although mainly links to TOTW and CEACCP pages, but some good elearning packages too.


For exam-related learning there are also several comprehensive sets of exam notes such as Chris Anderson’s iucprimaryprep , David Tripp’s study notes, Adam Hollingworth’s notes, Jeremy Fernando’s notes, Alan McLintic’s statistics pdf, Paul Young’s mind maps, ICN’s exam resource. ICMCaseSummaries is becoming increasingly comprehensive. Also the Alberta Uni CC training site has a good set of exam-orientated cases.

Or try this custom google CC exam search that will look just at the online ICU exam notes that I’ve found.


I’m intending to format this as the UK FICM matrix and have a continuously updated set of links. But for now try these:

Basic Science


Procedures and equipment

Central venous access


Ethics and capacity

Management and organisation

Research and evidence

Physician conduct and well-being

Education theory

ICU history


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