1. Ventilator-associated jargon
  2. Paralysis good, not just for ARDS
  3. No to NO?
  4. VAP treatment – go short or long with antibiotics?
  5. Colloids best in hypovolaemic shock?
  6. Transfusion in upper GI haemorrhage
  7. Not worth it?
  8. NICE guidelines on intravenous fluid therapy
  9. Core standards UK
  10. Physiology Box
  11. Delayed MET team calls


  Bunn, Frances, and Daksha Trivedi. ‘Colloid Solutions for Fluid Resuscitation’. In Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, edited by The Cochrane Collaboration and Frances Bunn. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2012. CHEST Management Committee, David J. Gattas, Arina Dan, John Myburgh, Laurent Billot, Serigne Lo, and Simon Finfer. ‘Fluid Resuscitation with 6 …

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PE_prediction re ICU_CC2011

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