1. Cardiovascular and fluid

  2. Respiratory and Airway

  3. Neurological, Sedation and pain

  4. Renal and metabolic

  5. Gastrointestinal and nutrition

  6. Infection and Sepsis

  7. Haematology and transfusion

  8. Transplant and death

  9. Imaging and echocardiography

  10. Equipment and transfer

  11. Management, ethics and law

Equipment, monitoring and transfer guidelines

Equipment Oxylog setup, and use; from Monitoring National early warning score (RCP 2012) Consensus on circulatory shock and haemodynamic monitoring (ESC 2014) Acutely ill adults in hospital: recognising and responding to deterioration (NICE 2011) Transfer Inter-hospital transfer of the critically-ill patient in the Republic of Ireland AAGBI 2006 Inter-hospital transfer AAGBI 2009 Safety in MRI units 2010 …

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Haematology and transfusion guidelines

Haemorrhage and transfusion Management of anaesthesia for Jehovah’s witnesses AAGBI 2005 Guidelines on the management of massive blood loss (BCSH 2006) Guideline on the selection and use of therapeutic products to treat haemophilia and other hereditary bleeding disorders (BCSH 2008) Guidelines on the assessment of bleeding risk prior to surgery or invasive procedures (BCSH 2008) Massive haemorrhage guidelines AAGBI …

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Imaging and echocardiography guidelines

Training governance ACC/AHA Clinical Competence Statement on Echocardiography 2003 Echocardiography Practice, Training and Accreditation in the Intensive Care: Document for the World Interactive Network Focused on Critical Ultrasound (WINFOCUS 2008) Ultrasound training and provision – RCoA 2011 American Society of Echocardiography and Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists Task Force Guidelines for Training in Perioperative Echocardiography – ASE/ACA 2012 International Consensus Statement …

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Infection and sepsis guidelines

Sepsis Surviving sepsis Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2016 Sepsis definition Third international consensus definitions for sepsis and septic shock Other Sepsis: Just Say Sepsis. Report and recommendations (NCEPOD 2015) Hospital Acquired Infection VAP Strategies to prevent ventilator associated pneumonia SHEA/IDSA 2014 CRBSI/CLABSI Guidelines for the Prevention of Intravascular …

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Non-clinical guidelines

Non-clinical standards 7 steps to patient safety – NPSA 2004 Incident reporting – ICS 2006 Financial management – ICS 2007 Staffing: Consultants – ICS 2007 Nurses – BACCN 2009 Equipment – ICS 2010 Structural and organizational standards – ESICM 2011 Ward rounds – RCP/RCN 2012 Core standards – ICS 2013 ICU evacuation – Chest consensus 2014 …

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Obstetrics guidelines

PET   PPH Welsh A et al ‘Guidelines for the Use of Recombinant Activated Factor VII in Massive Obstetric Haemorrhage’. The Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology 48, no. 1 (February 2008): 12–16. doi:10.1111/j.1479-828X.2007.00823.x.

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Renal, metabolic and toxins guidelines

Renal AKI Acute kidney injury: Prevention, detection and management of acute kidney injury up to the point of renal replacement therapy (NICE 2013) CIN Prevention of contrast-induced acute kidney injury in adults (RCR 2013) Standards for intravenous contrast administration to adult patients (RCR) Hyponatraemia Clinical practice guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of hyponatraemia (Hyponatraemia guideline development …

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Transplant and death guidelines

Thanatology (Death and dying) Bereavement – ICS 2003 UK Code of practice for the diagnosis and confirmation of death – AMRC 2008 DNAR in the perioperative period – AAGBI 2009 Determining brain death in adults – AAN 2010 Treatment and care towards the end of life – GMC 2010 Diagnosis of death by neurological examination – ODT …

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Trauma and burns guidelines

General trauma Major trauma: assessment and initial management (NICE 2016) Head injury Triage, assessment, investigation and early management of head injury in infants, children and adults  (NICE 2014) Guidelines for the Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, 3rd edition (BTF  2007) Early Indicators of Prognosis in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (BTF 2007) Early management of patients with a …

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Cardiovascular and fluid guidelines

Fluid General Intravenous fluid therapy NICE guidelines (2013) and Quality Standards (2014) Peri-operative patient Giftasup (BAPEN) Consensus on IV fluid in surgical patients (rev 2011) Perioperative fluid management: Consensus statement from the enhanced recovery partnership (2012) Cardiac Acute heart failure Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of heart failure in adults (ACCF/AHA 2009) NICE acute …

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Respiratory and airway guidelines

Airway guidelines Multidisciplinary guidelines for the management of tracheostomy and laryngectomy airway emergencies (NTSP 2012) NAP4 major airway complications guidelines (2013) Practice guidelines for the management of the difficult airway (ASA 2013) The Vortex approach to securing an airway 2013 The difficult airway with recommendations for management – Part 1 – Difficult tracheal intubation encountered in …

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Gastrointestinal and nutrition guidelines

Pancreatitis Management of acute pancreatitis (British Society of Gastroenterology 2005) Nutrition in pancreatic disease (ESPEN 2006) Management of acute pancreatitis (American College of Gastroenterologists 2013) Treat the cause – NCEPOD report on pancreatitis 2016 Liver failure Intensive Care of Patients with Acute Liver Failure  (U.S. Acute Liver Failure Study Group 2007). The management of acute liver failure (AASLD 2011) …

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Neurology, sedation and pain guidelines

Delirium Delirium: diagnosis, prevention and management  (NICE 2010 ) Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Pain, Agitation, and Delirium in Adult Patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ACCM/SCCM 2013) Head/brain injury Head injury: early assessment and management  (NICE 2014) Early Indicators of Prognosis in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (BTF 2007) Guidelines for the management of traumatic barin injury …

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