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This site was originally just for me, to collect links that are useful on ward rounds or when planning teaching. But if you know a great site, have found a useful guideline, or read a landmark paper that’s not on here then let me know –

The remit is broadly:

A continuous, not exhaustive, watch on the main journals (NEJM, JAMA, Lancet, ARJCCM, CCM, ICM) to pick up:

ICM Guidelines,

ICM Key Papers – landmark studies or a good and up-to-date meta-analysis

A compendium of useful stuff:

Resources – FOAMed, teaching material, Mind Maps, online notes, Pathways etc.

Good summary papers or narrative reviews,

I don’t have the time, energy or self-belief to write my own content beyond the odd sarcastic comment. There are many awesome people putting out fantastic work already.

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  1. Dave

    Keep up the good work Justin this is a fantastic resource. I particularly like your stance on “how you would like to be treated if you were admitted with sepsis”!

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