Not worth it?

5 ways to waste your time and money on ICU (according to SCCM, ATS, ACCP & AACN)

Visit the ‘Choosing wisely’ initiative website for some mythbusting.


Don’t order diagnostic tests at regular intervals, such as every day; rather, order them in response to specific clinical questions.
Don’t transfuse red blood cells in hemodynamically stable, nonbleeding ICU patients with a hemoglobin concentration greater than 7 mg/dL.
Don’t use parenteral nutrition in adequately nourished critically ill patients in the first 7 days of an ICU stay.
Don’t deeply sedate mechanically ventilated patients without a specific indication and without daily attempts to lighten sedation.
Don’t continue life support for patients at high risk for death or severely impaired functional recovery without offering patients and their families care focused entirely on comfort